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Criminal Defense

How should I dress for court?

If you have a court date for a criminal charge, it is always in your best interest to make a good impression on the judge. While the court is there to hear the case and the facts, the way you look could influence decisions. The courtroom is a formal setting. You do...

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What is extradition?

If officers arrest you on a warrant but you are in an area that is different from the one from where the warrant came, then you will have to go through extradition. A court that did not issue the warrant has no jurisdiction over the case, so you legally have to go...

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Can you avoid a sobriety stop?

When approaching a surprise sobriety checkpoint, your kneejerk reaction may be to turn around right away and get out before you go through it. Fortunately for you, this is actually legal. However, the way you go about it will make a world of difference. It is legal to...

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