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Divorce is officially called dissolution of marriage. Everything that was once joined is separated. This includes property and child custody.

In Iowa, dissolution of marriage does not happen as quickly as some people would like. There is a mandatory 90-day cooling off or waiting period before the court will make the dissolution final. Parents must also take a parenting class. In addition, the court frequently mandates mediation for divorcing couples.

Mediation consists of three people or groups of people:

  • You and your attorney if you have one
  • Your spouse and his or her attorney if there is one
  • A neutral third-party mediator

The purpose of mediation is to come to agreement about issues such as property division, alimony or spousal support and child custody or visitation. If issues cannot be resolved during mediation, then the dissolution process proceeds into court.

At Foster Law Office, our Iowa City family law attorneys will guide you through the divorce process. We will work toward a swift resolution within the confines of Iowa’s laws.

Protecting Your Financial Future

The most important issue for any divorcing couple is typically child custody. For couples without children, the most important issue is typically property division. Separating assets can be traumatic or routine, depending upon the temperament of each spouse, the length of the marriage and other factors.

Our lawyers work with clients as a clear and calm voice of reason through the divorce process, including property division.

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