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College years are meant to be a time when young people find their sense of direction. Unfortunately, it is also a time when events can damage the course of their future. Violations against school policies can result in suspension or expulsion. Our family based firm can help.

At Foster Law Office, we have provided legal counsel to Iowa City residents since 1981. Our attorneys have seen university procedures up close. We have worked with students and parents in numerous cases, including accusations of cheating and sex-related offenses at the University of Iowa. Because of our strong focus on criminal law, we are able to represent students engaged in overlapping criminal and disciplinary proceedings.

Fighting For Your Future

Most Iowa colleges, including Iowa State, use the Iowa Administrative Procedures Act to handle these investigations. The University of Iowa has its own unique system for handling student allegations.

Through an investigative process, the university determines whether the student has violated university policy. From there, they determine if this violation warrants a suspension or expulsion. Students then have the right to dispute the charges in a university hearing.

Because the University of Iowa is unique to other colleges and government agencies, it is critical to work with a firm who has a depth of experience handling university hearings at this school. Located just a few blocks from campus, our firm has worked on a number of cases for our Hawkeye students and their parents. We know what to expect and how best to approach the fight for your future.

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