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Navigating Complex Sex Crime Issues

Most criminal matters are covered by both federal and state law. In most cases, the state law is in agreement with the federal law. When they are not, a legal gray area can be created. In Iowa, the age of consent for sexual intercourse or intimacy is 16. The laws dealing with photography of a sexual nature, such as nudity, says that 18 is the legal age. This means that two 17-year-olds are permitted to have sex, but can’t engage in sexting or send each other partially nude photographs. This may be charged as child pornography.

This would be an excellent time to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney. At our law firm, we have an Iowa City sex crime defense attorney with more than 30 years of experience. When the laws are out of sync or in conflict, an experienced attorney can help keep you out of jail, protect your freedom and prevent a criminal record for sex crimes.

Handling All Types Of Sex Crime Cases

At Foster Law Office, our attorneys represent juveniles and adults charged with all types of sex crimes, including:

  • Child pornography
  • Molestation
  • Sexting
  • Sexual abuse of a minor
  • Sexual assault or rape

Defending Against Date Rape Charges

The most common sexual charge is rape or sexual assault. A common charge in a location with a high student population is date rape. Date rape is a particularly difficult charge to prosecute, as well as defend, because the accuser and the alleged victim are known to each other. Perhaps they’ve even been sexually active before.

Our lawyers are known for their thorough investigation of every detail attached to this criminal charge. These are a few of the many details that our lawyers investigate:

  • Were there witnesses to the events leading up to the alleged date rape? What is their testimony?
  • Was the alleged victim too drunk to consent?
  • Can lack of consent be proven?
  • Did the victim come forward immediately with evidence or wait several days?
  • Was the arrest carried out properly according to state law procedures?

Protecting Your Future And Your Reputation

A sex crime charge puts much at risk, including your future, your freedom and your reputation. We are here to defend you on all fronts. To arrange a confidential consultation with one of our experienced defense lawyers, please contact us online or by telephone at 319-383-0405.