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Domestic violence crosses all racial and socioeconomic lines. It is not uncommon, but it is rarely spoken about. It is not necessary to actually harm someone to be convicted of domestic violence. The threat of violence is enough for a charge of domestic violence. If you make a threat while holding a weapon, even if you don’t use the weapon, that could be considered domestic violence. Our Iowa City domestic violence attorneys have seen that domestic violence is more often charged against men than against women.

At Foster Law Office, we defend individuals charged with domestic violence. We help them make decisions about their future and solve their legal problems, whether civil or criminal.

Our Successful Approach

As with all of our criminal defense cases, we attack the case with a two-pronged approach:

  • Preparing for trial by examining all evidence and talking to witnesses
  • Negotiating for a plea with the prosecutor and starting the rehabilitation activities (such as anger counseling) without waiting for the court to order the counseling

A domestic violence charge affects not only the relationship with your spouse, but also your child custody rights and visitation privileges. Do not wait. Contact our law office right away to begin your defense.

Protection Orders

A common way that individuals get into trouble is by inadvertently violating a protection order. It is important that one understand the limits of a protection order so that a protection order doesn’t turn into a misdemeanor contempt charge.

It is against a protection order to do any of the following:

  • Call the complainant (spouse) on the phone
  • Have a friend call the complainant on the phone on your behalf
  • Send or respond to a text message with the complainant
  • Visit the complainant in person for any reason
  • Click “like” on the complainant’s Facebook page

Our attorneys make certain that the protection order is thoroughly understood, so that inadvertent violations do not occur. Your lawyer can make contact with the complainant for issues such as property disbursement or child custody issues.

Standing Up For Your Rights

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