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December 2017 Archives

Iowa men face charges of drug possession or trafficking, more

Criminal charges of any sort are never a trivial matter, but federal charges are especially serious. In Iowa, five men were arrested over the fall and were recently charged in federal court. The individuals now find themselves facing a number of criminal charges, among them drug possession or trafficking.

Iowa man faces up to 5 years if convicted of tire-slashing felony

Being charged with a felony is serious business. In Iowa, a conviction could result in a state prison sentence of two years or more, even up to life imprisonment for some violent crimes. Nevertheless, anyone accused of felony is fully protected by the presumption of innocence and other legal rights that accrue to anyone accused of a crime in this state.

Update on the September 24, 2017 Travel Ban

On Monday the Supreme Court issued orders (here and here) permitting the government to enforce the September 24, 2017 travel ban (the text can be found here). Until yesterday, the government was not permitted to fully enforce the travel ban due to preliminary injunctions issued in cases challenging the executive order implementing the travel ban. The information set out below is a general description of the current state of the travel ban. Please contact my office if you have additional questions regarding whether it applies to your specific situation. Additionally, the travel ban is the subject of ongoing litigation, so who it applies to and what effect it has on people entering the United States from certain countries may change in the future.

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