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Iowa man faces up to 5 years if convicted of tire-slashing felony

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2017 | Felonies

Being charged with a felony is serious business. In Iowa, a conviction could result in a state prison sentence of two years or more, even up to life imprisonment for some violent crimes. Nevertheless, anyone accused of felony is fully protected by the presumption of innocence and other legal rights that accrue to anyone accused of a crime in this state.

In Iowa City, an arrest warrant was recently issued for a man who will be facing felony charges. He stands accused by police of slashing tires with a pocket knife in a series of incidents that spanned several days in November. Police report that, in total, 42 tires were destroyed in the Iowa City area during this time period.

The approximate total cost of the damages is estimated to be around $6,300. Supposedly, the man spoke with police and admitted that he was involved in the incidents. The man faces a potential prison sentence of up to five years for this second-degree criminal mischief charge, as it is a class D felony.

There is nothing “simple” or “minor” about felony charges; indeed, any accusations of criminal activity should be taken seriously, as a criminal record can seriously affect an individual’s future. Being convicted of a felony can haunt a person for the rest of his or her life, even after any prison sentence has been served, creating all sorts of complications and making it more difficult to secure gainful employment, housing and more. Anyone in Iowa who finds him or herself facing felony charges is well-advised to seek the support and representation of an experienced criminal defense attorney, as the knowledgeable counsel of a seasoned professional is often the best — and sometimes only — means of securing a positive outcome in such situations.

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