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November 2017 Archives

Iowa woman facing charges of felony possession, misdemeanors

When it comes to drug crimes in Iowa, possession charges may be charged as felonies or misdemeanors. Misdemeanor possession is considered less serious and typically carries lower penalties upon conviction. Felony possession, on the other hand, usually results in sentences that are much more severe, with hefty fines and even the potential for a lengthy prison sentence.

6 Iowa teens facing felony and misdemeanor charges

Being convicted of a crime at any age can carry serious, lifelong repercussions. For younger individuals, though, being found guilty of crimes such as a felony or drug charges can be especially ruinous, creating a criminal record where none existed before and affecting educational opportunities and many career paths. Whatever types of criminal accusations an individual is facing, it is important to secure effective representation in order to pursue the best possible outcome. When the accused individuals are not yet adults, the juvenile justice system typically has jurisdiction, although -- in some instances -- they may be tried as an adult in criminal court.

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