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Iowa men face charges of drug possession or trafficking, more

Criminal charges of any sort are never a trivial matter, but federal charges are especially serious. In Iowa, five men were arrested over the fall and were recently charged in federal court. The individuals now find themselves facing a number of criminal charges, among them drug possession or trafficking.

Iowa woman facing charges of felony possession, misdemeanors

When it comes to drug crimes in Iowa, possession charges may be charged as felonies or misdemeanors. Misdemeanor possession is considered less serious and typically carries lower penalties upon conviction. Felony possession, on the other hand, usually results in sentences that are much more severe, with hefty fines and even the potential for a lengthy prison sentence.

Drug possession or trafficking charges not to be taken lightly

Drug charges can potentially carry a severe sentence, even for a first offense. If the charges result in a conviction, the accused's life may be forever changed. Those facing these issues in Iowa will want to secure the services of a criminal defense attorney with experience in handling cases involving drug possession or trafficking.

Get the facts on Iowa drug possession or trafficking of marijuana

With the many recent changes in laws in some states surrounding the usage of marijuana -- both medical and recreational -- residents of Iowa may be curious as to how they are affected. In 2014, Iowa did become one of only a handful of states at the time to legalize the possession and use of cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive extract of marijuana. However, even this remains subject to strict limitations. With few highly regulated exceptions, the substance is illegal, and individuals accused of having marijuana on their persons could find themselves facing charges of drug possession or trafficking.

Iowa mother and son enter differing pleas to drug charge

Just because someone pleads guilty to criminal charges in Iowa doesn't necessarily mean he or she actually is guilty. Accused individuals may plead guilty for crimes they didn't commit for any number of reasons, such as to avoid the potential for a significantly longer sentence. Especially with the laws and regulations surrounding marijuana so in flux currently on a nationwide level, it's difficult to guess what sentence might be forthcoming for a drug charge like marijuana possession, if the accused was found guilty.

Sentencing for drug charge increases near Iowa schools

Across the nation, every state has enhanced penalties for offences made in areas considered protected school zones. It is for this reason that a man is facing up to 25 years in prison on a drug charge that might otherwise have carried a much lesser sentence. The 18-year-old was arrested on allegations of selling drugs near an Iowa elementary school, and the proximity to the school drastically increases the time he might serve if convicted.

Iowa couple facing charges of misdemeanor possession of meth

Regardless of the actual charge, any criminal accusation involving drugs has the potential to be serious. Even for a first-time offense in Iowa, a conviction even just for misdemeanor possession charges can carry penalties of jail time and fines. A married couple who was recently arrested for possession of the controlled substance methamphetamine is now facing such charges.

Iowa man facing felony and misdemeanor possession drug charges

While often a non-violent crime, being convicted of drug charges in Iowa can still carry major repercussions, including a criminal record even where none existed before. A conviction regarding charges of felony or misdemeanor possession can follow an individual for decades. Unfortunately for one 22-year-old, this is just the situation he is now facing.

The power of a plea bargain with drug charges

Federal drug charges can carry significant sentences. Depending on the amount of drugs allegedly involved, it does not take a great number of charges to create a very real potential for a sentence of life in prison. Even if the sentence is not explicitly life, a combination of multiple charges can quickly add up to what for many suspects will be effectively a life sentence.

Iowa has massive racial disparity for drug arrests

Many courthouses have a statue of Justice holding scales, often with an inscription to the effect of "Equal Justice under Law." This represents the ideal that many assume is the norm in this country. But in many cases and many instances, justice is not always been equally meted out.

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