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The power of a plea bargain with drug charges

Federal drug charges can carry significant sentences. Depending on the amount of drugs allegedly involved, it does not take a great number of charges to create a very real potential for a sentence of life in prison. Even if the sentence is not explicitly life, a combination of multiple charges can quickly add up to what for many suspects will be effectively a life sentence.

Iowa has massive racial disparity for drug arrests

Many courthouses have a statue of Justice holding scales, often with an inscription to the effect of "Equal Justice under Law." This represents the ideal that many assume is the norm in this country. But in many cases and many instances, justice is not always been equally meted out.

Piling on of drug charges

Drug charges can lead to serious and sometimes lifelong sentences in an Iowa state prison or the federal prison system. These long sentences can be seen as the result of years of legislature enactments and amendments to increase the punishment available to prosecutors. The belief seems to have been that we can scare people away from possessing drugs by making the punishments to every drug crime severe.

Opioid addiction can strike anyone

Drugs can be insidious in creeping into a person's life. They may find they are addicted before they even recognize the risk. The recent epidemic of opioid deaths from overdoses is in part driven by people who begin with some form of prescription painkillers. Once addicted, they may suffer an overdose from one of the popular and widely prescribed drugs or, if they can no longer obtain those drugs, they may eventually move to heroin as they seek relief from chronic pain.

Will prosecutors "accommodate" the former mayor?

When someone is charged with a crime, one question that is not always obvious is "What crime are the charged with?" Take, for instance, the recent arrest of the Mayor of Fairfax, Virginia. He was involved with a transaction at a hotel where he gave methamphetamine to a police officer. In most cases in Iowa City, such behavior would likely bring a charge of possession and very possibly a more severe charge.

Synthetic drugs can lead to all too real prison sentences

Drug policy in the U.S. is sometimes confusing. Drugs can be assigned to the various schedules of the federal drug classification depending on the whim of members of congress. Drug classification may not always make sense, with both Marijuana and Heroin being classified as "Schedule I" controlled substances, despite the fact that heroin is a far more dangerous drug.

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