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What is an orbital socket fracture?

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2023 | Personal Injury

During a motor vehicle accident, an orbital fracture can occur if your head strikes the steering wheel or window or because of the impact of an airbag.

Orbital fractures can include multiple parts of the eye socket and the eye itself.

Orbital fracture types

There are various orbital fracture types. A rim fracture occurs when the impact is strong enough to damage parts of your eye, brain and face. If the rim fracture extends to the bottom of the socket, it can break the floor.

If you have a fracture in the walls and floor of the socket, it can cause unique complications. You can lose support in your eye socket if the sides and bottom of the socket become fractured.

Orbital fracture treatments

To treat an orbital fracture, the physician must observe how your eyes function. Before you can undergo treatment, the doctor will perform a CT scan or MRI to investigate the damage to your socket. Severe fractures and fractures affecting other eye areas may require surgery.

The type of surgery depends on the fracture’s severity and its impact on your eye function. Surgeons will expose the break, free tissue trapped in the broken socket and reestablish support. You may require implants of silicone, nylon or titanium mesh.

An orbital eye fracture can manifest with a black eye, pain, swelling or numbness that travels to your lip. Many people with orbital fractures may have difficulty moving their eyes. If you have a problem looking up or double vision following an accident, it could be an eye socket fracture.