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Can a crush injury incident happen in your car?

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2022 | Firm News

Motor vehicle accidents can take a huge toll on people involved due to the hefty amount of physical damage they often result in.

Unfortunately, though it does not often get discussed, crush injuries are among the potential issues that victims involved in crashes can suffer through.

Where crush injuries can happen

Up To Date discusses severe crush injuries in adult patients. These crush injuries can occur in any situation where part of the body (or its entirety) ends up crushed by or between large and heavy items.

Most people associate crush injuries with fields like industrial work or construction due to the use of heavy machinery and equipment there. While it is true that these fields do yield a high result of crush injury incidents, they are not the only places where a person can suffer from such a thing.

Car crashes are another big source of crush injuries for many. Though updates to car safety features over the years prevent the entire car from crumpling in on itself during an impact, it is impossible to do this to the entire vehicle. Additionally, even crash cages have a limit regarding the amount of force and weight they can withstand.

Common car crash crush injuries

Due to the weakest areas of a car, the most common crush injuries often involve the feet and legs. This is because the hood, foot wells and dashboard have no real structural protection from a serious impact. The hands can also suffer from crush injuries simply because they are small and easily get wedged between things.

These injuries can have lasting impacts and may take months or even years to recover from, making it important for people to get help quickly.