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How do traffic laws vary around campus?

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2022 | Personal Injury

When driving near the University of Iowa, there are some specific traffic laws you want to be aware of.

The Iowa Legislature explains the school can set up specific laws and traffic patterns to keep students safe and to control traffic flow on and near the university.

Controls and devices

You should always pay special attention to traffic devices that alert you to pedestrians. Many areas will have crossings that allow students to push a button and activate alerts that require traffic to stop and allow them to pass. You must give pedestrians the right of way at all crossings.


If you have an accident on campus, then the university has the right to investigate it. The school also can manage tickets and hand them out if you disobey rules.

Prohibited areas

There will likely be a number of areas within and around the campus where motor vehicles are not to be. These areas will have signs. You cannot drive in spaces designated for pedestrians or bicycles only.

Other rights

The university also has the right to change traffic patterns for temporary needs. They can shut down roads or change the traffic flow. There will be signage, but it is up to you to pay attention to such things. The school has a lot of authority when it comes to roadways around campus, so you should always adhere to directions given by campus personnel to avoid any issues.

Driving near a school is always challenging. It usually has a high number of pedestrians and people may be going in multiple directions. It is essential to be especially alert and aware whenever you are on or near a campus.