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Iowa city woman accused of felony, misdemeanors after brawl

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2018 | Felonies

Far too often, what actually occurred during any incident involving alleged illegal activity boils down to who says what. Of course, sometimes there are cameras or multiple witnesses, but other times it’s difficult for police and court officials to be certain of exactly what occurred, which is only one reason a seasoned criminal defense attorney can be so invaluable. A lawyer’s knowledge and experience can be crucial in a situation such as a recent case involving an Iowa City woman who is facing multiple charges, including a felony.

According to Iowa City police, officers were summoned one afternoon last month after receiving reports of a brawl. The melee reportedly involved multiple people and weapons, including knives and a baseball bat. When police arrived on the scene, however, most of those involved had supposedly fled, leaving only the alleged victims of the incident behind.

When police spoke with these individuals, they were informed that a 22-year-old woman has supposedly stolen a cellphone, which in turn instigated the fight. The woman was also accused of having swung a baseball bat at one of the other involved parties. When the individual knocked away the bat, it’s claimed the accused then brandished a kitchen knife.

The accused woman has since been arrested. She now faces a number of charges, including a class D felony of going armed with intent, as well as misdemeanors for first-degree harassment and trespass causing injury or damage. Typically, in cases such as this one, obtaining the representation of an Iowa criminal defense lawyer is the best possible chance for securing a positive outcome. An attorney’s support and guidance can help accused individuals make sense of any allegations against them and decide how best to face the charges.

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