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October 2017 Archives

Drug possession or trafficking charges not to be taken lightly

Drug charges can potentially carry a severe sentence, even for a first offense. If the charges result in a conviction, the accused's life may be forever changed. Those facing these issues in Iowa will want to secure the services of a criminal defense attorney with experience in handling cases involving drug possession or trafficking.

Benefits of an Iowa defense attorney when facing felony charges

When someone finds him or herself facing criminal charges in Iowa or any other state or federal jurisdiction, a decision about how to address the charges will need to be made. Regardless of whether misdemeanor or felony charges are involved, Iowa prosecutors have the burden of proving the formal accusations in court and beyond a reasonable doubt. That legal standard is often difficult to meet, even when the evidence initially appears to point toward a defendant's guilt.

Iowa City woman faces felony, misdemeanor charges

When Iowa individuals find themselves facing criminal charges, they're not only dealing with the immediate stress of arrest, potential jail time and more, they're also looking at the long-term damage such accusations could mean for their futures. From white collar crimes to assault and battery, felony charges to misdemeanors, or other charges, the criminal justice system is far too often a stressful and frightening place, especially without the support and guidance of an experienced legal professional. A recently arrested Iowa City woman may be finding her own current situation to be similarly overwhelming.

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