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Iowa man facing 5 counts of felony identity theft

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2017 | Felonies

An Iowa man is facing multiple counts of felony identity theft. The Osceola business owner has been charged with five counts of felony, each a class D because of the amounts involved. Per the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Investigation and Identity Protection, if he is convicted, the defendant would be subject to provisions prohibiting him from owning or even working for a licensed motor vehicle dealer in the state of Iowa in the future.

The accused is the owner of Anchor Motors. Per a police report, he used the identification number of a previous employee to fraudulently make claims of warranty work to the Ford Motor Company. Each alleged instance of identity theft involved losses of between $1,000 and $10,000.

Currently, the Iowa Department of Transportation is pursuing the charges. It is unknown whether the Ford Motor Company will also pursue legal redress against the man. The defendant faces fines of $7,500 and up to five years in prison per charge if he is found guilty.

The 61-year-old individual returned to work after a holiday weekend and seems confident that everything will work out in court. However, given the numerous complaints filed with the Iowa Attorney General’s Office against the company, spanning back to the late 90s, as well as the man’s past legal troubles – which include prostitution and harassment – he would undoubtedly benefit from the skilled advice of a criminal defense attorney. A lawyer will work closely with any residents of Iowa who find themselves facing felony charges to make sure their legal rights are defended and to fight for the best possible outcome to the proceedings.

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