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What happens if you are caught with a fake ID?

On Behalf of | May 18, 2023 | Firm News

College is the ideal place for gaining some independence and going out of your comfort zone. However, the freedom that comes with it can make it tempting to try out illegal activities. Many college students have been caught with illegitimate IDs trying to buy alcohol or enter bars.

Penalties for possessing a fake ID

Heavy drinking may be the norm in college, but the legal drinking age in Iowa remains at 21 years old. If you are underage and caught using fraudulent IDs to buy alcohol or cigarettes, you may face a simple misdemeanor charge with a maximum $200 fine and a six-month driver’s license suspension.

Similarly, attempting to pass of another person’s legitimate ID as your own is illegal. If caught, you risk getting a simple misdemeanor charge on your record and paying a $210.25 fine.

If you are found guilty of one of these offences at your university, you may face additional repercussions such as suspension or community service. In any case, it may compromise your academic life.

Making a few mistakes in college is fine, but breaking the law on purpose can hurt your future. No matter how minor, a fake ID charge can show up on your criminal record and make it difficult to get a job. Moreover, if your use of a fake ID is tied to another crime, you may face additional penalties.

Falsifying identities is now easier and more convincing than ever thanks to technological advancements, providing young students easy access to pubs and liquor stores. But as law enforcement agencies around the country work harder to stop people from using fake IDs, even the most advanced ones will be easier to spot. If you are found in possession of a fake ID, you may want to seek legal counsel right away.