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What are 3 ways to drive safer on wet roads?

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2023 | Personal Injury

Whether it is snow in the winter or rain at other times of the year, precipitation can make roads dangerous. Wet roads become slippery, creating a situation where it is more likely to cause an accident.

Drivers have to learn to navigate adverse road conditions to stay safe. When faced with wet roads, there are three driving tips to keep in mind.

Brake lightly

On wet roads, sliding is a serious issue. One of the worst times to suffer a slide is when slowing down or stopping. The act of braking on a road where your tires may not have good traction is inherently risky. But you can do it more safely by avoiding quick stops and giving yourself more time to slow down and brake. Lightly using the brakes will greatly decrease the chances of sliding.

Slow down

Speed is a factor in accidents in all weather conditions, but it is especially dangerous on wet roads. When the weather conditions get bad, the best thing you can do on the road is slow down. You should not drive so slow as to become a hazard, but reducing your speed provides you with more reaction time, and it also helps with traction.

Focus more

If the roadways are not clear and clean, you need to increase your focus on driving. Distractions can be deadly when the roads are in bad condition. All your attention needs to be on the road and the other vehicles around you.

While following these tips cannot guarantee you will not have an accident, they can help reduce your chances of being in one.