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Strategies to overcome allegations in a Title IX investigation

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2022 | University Disciplinary Proceedings

Students on campus must abide by specific rules of conduct. Under Title IX, a student can file a complaint with the university or college to accuse another student of sexual misconduct.

Administrators at institutions of higher learning actively pursue Title IX investigations. For an accused student, the consequences of an adverse finding are severe and can lead to expulsion from the school. You must know the best strategy to defend against a Title IX charge to protect your rights.

Understand the process

A Title IX hearing will happen fast. Under federal law, the investigation and hearing should occur within 60 days. You may not know the best way to proceed, especially if you have not had any charges before. You want to make sure you understand the process. Your school should provide access to their policy for Title IX investigations describing how the school conducts them. You want to ensure that the school follows all procedural requirements in conducting the investigation.

Prepare for hearings

A Title IX case does not offer the same protections for the accused as criminal prosecution. You may not have access to the evidence presented against you. Your ability to cross-examine the person filing the complaint against you is not guaranteed. Due to the lack of procedural protections, you must prepare your case to provide all necessary information for your defense.

You must take the allegations and proceedings seriously if someone accuses you under Title IX. You could face severe consequences if you do not mount a vigorous defense.