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Why should you bother seeing a doctor after a minor collision?

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2022 | Personal Injury

According to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) study, rear-end collisions cause almost 29% of all crashes resulting in serious injury or death.

Victims who believe they are not injured often walk away from this kind of seemingly minor vehicle accident. But is it a good idea to seek medical attention anyway?

Impact from a crash

Even a low-speed, rear-end collision can result in serious injury. The human body is not designed to absorb the great force of a crash and reacts by releasing chemicals such as adrenalin, which can mask pain and injury temporarily. The impact causes the victim’s head to snap back and forth, so head and neck injuries are common.

Medical treatment significance

The victim of a rear-end collision may be more concerned about damage to his car than to himself. However, injury symptoms may not appear for hours if not days after the crash. The decision to seek prompt medical attention is a good one considering there could be underlying injuries. If so, early treatment not only addresses the current medical concern but also helps to forestall future injury-related health issues.

Medical report importance

The doctor will write a report covering any injuries the rear-end collision caused. The medical report should include the diagnosis, the prognosis and the recommended treatment. Of equal significance is that it will tie the injuries directly to the vehicle accident. When it is time for the victim to file for compensation, the medical report should accompany the claim. Insurance companies have certain criteria to follow in evaluating accident claims. One of the most important points is how soon after the accident the victim sought and received medical care.