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Take these steps after a pedestrian accident

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2022 | Personal Injury

Pedestrian accidents are a terrifying experience. According to WBNS-10TV, pedestrian fatalities increased from 166 in 2020 to 173 in 2021. Though the reasons might not be apparent for why pedestrians are more at risk, the procedure for dealing with an accident should remain the same.

If you suffer from a pedestrian accident, follow the steps listed below. Nothing can take away the trauma from the incident, but you might increase your chances of receiving the payout and medical treatment you need.

Check for injuries

First, try to assess the damage. It is challenging to think immediately after a car strikes you. However, it is important not to panic. If you can move without pain, try to move out of harm’s way.

Request emergency services

Call emergency services and the police. Even if you do not feel any pain, you still want to receive medical attention. The shock of the accident might temporarily prevent you from feeling the pain of an injury. Also, you need to file a police report, which helps document the facts of the accident.

Document the relevant information

Finally, you need to gather all the relevant information. Get the driver’s contact information and insurance provider. However, do not speak with the driver’s insurance company when they call you. After you obtain the driver’s information, try to take pictures of the scene and make notes on your phone, so you remember the details.

You might feel emotional, physical and financial pain for years after a car strikes you. Do not make things more difficult by neglecting the steps described above. Ensure you receive proper medical treatment and fight for an insurance payout that compensates you for your pain and suffering.