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What are the warning signs of an internal bleed?

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2022 | Personal Injury

The blunt force of a motor vehicle accident can wreak havoc on your body. According to WebMD, internal bleeding is one of the most severe injuries following an accident. Internal bleeding may occur due to blunt force or from a penetrating object at the scene of the accident.

After an accident, various warning signs may indicate internal bleeding.

What are the signs of internal bleeding?

If you have an internal bleed, your symptoms may start mild. Throughout the bleeding, the signs may become progressively worse. One of the most common indications of internal bleeding is dizziness. As you lose more blood, you may feel faint or disoriented. When the liver sustains trauma, your abdomen may feel painful.

Noticeable signs include a bruise or purple skin, indicating blood beneath. Those who may have bleeding in the brain may experience seizures and headaches. Swelling or tightness in your leg may indicate bleeding within the thigh.

How can doctors treat internal bleeding?

Not only do you lose blood when you have an internal bleed, but it can cause pressure to build up elsewhere in your body. If your blood pressure drops, the doctors may choose to give you IV fluids or perform a transfusion to replace the lost blood. Physicians generally perform imaging scans to locate the bleed and determine how to treat it. Sometimes, bleeding may require emergency surgery. Emergency surgery may occur as soon as a patient arrives in the hospital with internal bleeding.

Patients who take blood thinners or have a condition that makes their blood difficult to clot may require additional treatments.