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How to prove you are not guilty of causing a car accident

On Behalf of | May 26, 2022 | Personal Injury

Getting into a car accident is a disturbing situation. Insurance is there to provide the funds for fixing the damage. Unfortunately, insurers might not pay if there is even the possibility you are at fault.

Specific actions can establish your innocence. Know how to react amid a roadside collision.

Get information

Collect names, phone numbers, vehicle details and insurance information from the other driver. Photos of license plates and IDs help make this easier. Having all the data at your fingertips demonstrates your responsible nature.

Additionally, request a copy of the police report. The details within may explain the cause of the wreck, thus exonerating you from fault.

Document wreckage

Snap pictures of the scene. Post-collision car positioning can tell the story. Record evidence of road signs and skid marks you feel are relevant. Do the same for damage to your vehicle. Proving the direction of the impact will work to your advantage.

Security cameras in nearby stores might have recordings of the incident. Investigate this possibility and request a copy if it turns out to be on file.

Collect statements

Other commuters and pedestrians may be witnesses. Get the contact information of anyone who can provide a first-person account. Use a call-recording device to capture an official statement. Prepare in advance by downloading an app on your phone. Ask permission to tape anyone before hitting the red circle button.

Showing your innocence is vital if you hope to collect insurance money over an accident. Leap into action the moment after another vehicle strikes yours.