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3 common causes of bicycle-related car accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2022 | Personal Injury

Bicycles are a convenient and popular way to get around, especially in college towns. When bicycles share the road with larger vehicles, however, there is always a possibility of a dangerous accident.

If a motor vehicle collides with a bicycle, the potential for catastrophic personal injury can be terrifying. Motorists and cyclists alike can make the roads safer by knowing some of the common causes of bicycle-related car accidents.

1. Improper lane changes

When a vehicle changes lanes in an unsafe way, it creates dangerous conditions for everyone on the road. This is especially true for bicyclists who have less protection from bumps and collisions. Failing to signal, passing too close and weaving through traffic recklessly are all examples of improper lane changes.

2. Distractions

It should go without saying that distracted driving is a huge problem, but it can be especially hazardous in cities with larger bicyclist populations. Due to the smaller profile of a bicycle compared to automobiles, drivers are much less likely to notice them through their peripheral vision when occupied with another task such as texting.

3. Speeding

Motorists who speed through traffic risk a collision when coming upon a bicyclist who was previously obstructed from view by another vehicle or other object. However, cyclists should also refrain from speeding especially when moving from a sidewalk into an intersection crossing.

The Insurance Insitute for Highway Safety reports 843 bicyclist fatalities in accidents involving motor vehicles in the year 2019. Knowing how to avoid common dangerous situations can help you protect yourself from these life-threatening incidents.