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Psychological impact of a TBI after a vehicle crash

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2021 | Personal Injury

In a motor vehicle collision, your body may undergo forceful trauma at high speed. Often, this includes severe head injuries. While head injuries can seriously impact your physical health, they can also affect your mental health.

According to Traumatic Brain Injury Resources, TBIs can directly affect an individual’s emotional and behavioral health.

Personality changes

Brain injuries can change how you express emotions. You may feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster or become quick to anger. In some instances, you may have episodes of crying or laughing without the ability to control the emotional outbursts.

Signs of depression

Depression is one of the most common symptoms following a TBI. While depression can also occur after a car accident, you should find out if your TBI factored into feelings of depression. Keep in mind that depression is an illness much like high blood pressure or any other physical condition. You may require anti-depressant medication to control the symptoms. Hallmarks of depression include prolonged feelings of sadness. Depression may occur as you try to adapt to new roles after a TBI or because of physical and biochemical changes in the brain.

Fatigue and apathy

Feelings of fatigue may be physical symptoms of a TBI, but they can also include mental and psychological fatigue. In fact, about 70% of TBI patients suffer from mental fatigue. You may experience needing to apply extra effort to do simple activities, like walking and talking. In general, you may have a difficult time expressing yourself clearly. You may be in a negative mood most of the time and find yourself unable to concentrate or enjoy the things you used to.

When dealing with a TBI, you might find it hard to understand social norms. You may begin saying what comes to mind without considering the context or people around you.

No matter the severity of the vehicle collision, a traumatic brain injury can occur. Unfortunately, many symptoms do not become readily apparent until days or weeks after the accident. Do not hesitate to seek a thorough medical examination after your crash.