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3 ways to prevent a collision with a large truck

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2020 | Personal Injury

Getting in a car crash is often a scary and scarring experience. That’s if you make it out alive. Getting in a crash with a semi-truck is an especially frightening position to be in.

Unfortunately, fear isn’t a way to ward of a collision. However, there are ways you can try and prevent a collision with a vehicle much large than you. This includes being mindful of blind spots, giving enough space for trucks to maneuver and staying focused while driving.

Larger blind spots

It’s essential to understand that trucks have much larger blind spots than you do. Staying far away from the right side of a commercial motor vehicle can increase your safety, as truck drivers have a blind spot on that side that can block their view of you even if you are three or more lanes away. Directly in front of or behind large vehicles of any size aren’t safe places to be either.

More leeway

A heavier load means it takes a lot more time and length for a truck to come to a complete stop. For you, this means staying far away from the front of the truck and never making a sudden lane change in front of one. Keep in mind that rain and snow may create even longer stopping distances.

Increased attention

It’s also important to give the road your undivided attention. This way, if worst-case scenario does arise and you must slam on your brakes because truck in front of you meets a hazard on the road, then you’ll be able to do so before colliding. Or if a truck is quickly approaching the back of your vehicle because they slide on an ice patch or are driving while impaired or distracted, then you’ll be able to notice in your rear-view mirror and move to a safer lane.

If worst-case scenario becomes a reality for your or your family, a personal injury attorney can help you pick up the pieces after a traumatic experience.