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Ways to be more attentive behind the wheel

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2020 | Personal Injury

Sometimes you have a plan to be productive with your day, perhaps with chores, but an old friend calls you out of nowhere. You continue to clean, but not as thoroughly as you would if you weren’t on the phone because the call is distracting you. Unfortunately, multitasking while driving isn’t always as innocent as missing a few spots while dusting.

In fact, nearly 3,000 Americans died in distracted driving incidents in 2018. Although, you can’t plan for every distraction, there are plenty of ways you can try and give your full attention to the road ahead as you drive.

Changing cell phone habits

Cell phones are a major distraction for drivers, so much so that texting while driving is now illegal in Iowa. To stay safe and dodge potential fines, it’s best practice to tuck your phone completely away while driving. This will take a lot of willpower and some planning. Try mapping out your destination and making playlists or queueing podcasts before leaving home. And if you feel like you must return a text or call, try pulling over to safe spot to do so.

Clarifying passenger expectations

If you are driving kids, friends, or fury family members around, then you should let them know they need to be mindful of their volume as you drive. This will be most difficult with dogs, but at least you can stop them from obstructing your view of the road by buckling them in with a harness or putting up a barrier between seats. Small children are often unpredictable too, but packing different toys or snacks can help keep them occupied.

Adjusting your schedule

Drivers often try to fit in necessary parts of their routine while driving — from applying makeup to eating breakfast. If you are guilty of running late and doing other tasks besides driving while behind the wheel, then making slight adjustments to your schedule can save you from a collision. And even if you feel like you are in rush, being late is always better than being a car accident victim.

Although multitasking can fit well in your career or home life, it can be life-saving to retire any districted driving habits you have.