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Drug charge filed against Iowa couple

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2018 | Drug Charges

A man and woman in Des Moines have been charged with serious drug offenses following a search of their residence, according to local police. Iowa law enforcement executed a search warrant on the couple’s home on Nov. 26, and have filed more than one drug charge against both people. The man has retained criminal defense counsel, but court records do not list an attorney for the woman. They were both set to appear in court on Dec. 7.

According to the report filed by Iowa police, they executed a search warrant at the couple’s home as well as the man’s car. The cause for this warrant was not mentioned in the report, but presumably there was a preceding investigation that gave officers cause to believe the home was being used to store and possibly traffic drugs. It appears the 40-year-old man and the 36-year-old woman were both home at the time of the raid.

Police say they discovered close to a pound of marijuana on the premises, as well as 10 boxes of suboxone patches and some 28 grams of what they believe to be methamphetamine. A further search of the vehicle led to the discovery of what is believed to be cocaine and marijuana for personal use. A loaded gun was also reportedly found in the couple’s bedroom. They now face charges of possession of narcotics with intent to deliver, distribution of an unlawful substance, and the man faces additional charges for possession of a weapon as a felon and possession of narcotics for the substances found in his car.

The couple will appear in Iowa court to face each drug charge filed against them. During this process, both individuals will be represented by a criminal defense attorney, who will carefully review the facts of the case and any evidence supporting the charges filed against them. Each attorney will work to build a compelling case in his or her client’s defense, in advance of a trial date.