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Sex crimes: Iowa man accused of assaulting 2 kids

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2018 | Felonies

A 36-year-old man has accepted a plea deal in connection with the alleged sexual assault of two children over a period of six years. The Iowa resident maintains his innocence in the apparent sex crimes even though he took the deal offered to him. Felony charges filed against him include two counts of second-degree sexual abuse and two counts of third-degree sexual abuse.

The actual ages and genders of the children involved have not been divulged; however, all are 15 years of age or under. In Iowa, being found guilty of one count of second degree abuse can mean up to 25 years in prison. The county attorney is expected to ask that the man’s two 10-year sentences should be served concurrently and his name added to a sex offender registry for the remainder of his life. He is also expected to ask that the man pay two $1,000 fines.

The Britt, Iowa resident also faces a felony perjury charge in connection with four more charges of sexual abuse. Police claim the accused falsely filled out an affidavit in applying for an attorney to be appointed by the court. Apparently he had won a workers’ compensation settlement to the tune of $200,000, and his savings and checking accounts appeared healthy with $70,000. He was also the owner of three vehicles.

Charges of sex crimes need to be aggressively defended. An Iowa attorney may work with experts such as those in forensics, lab technicians, psychologists and others to challenge the charges against his or her clients. A lawyer may also review the actions of those involved in these cases such as police, child examiners and investigators to try to expose errors, constitutionals violations and any evidence ignored by the prosecution.