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Former Iowa office manager convicted of fraud, theft

On Behalf of | May 28, 2018 | Criminal Defense

A woman has been put on probation after pleading guilty to two separate charges. The Iowa resident was charged with credit card fraud and first-degree theft. She was accused of stealing $30,000 from her employer, which the judge ordered her to pay back. The judge sentenced the 33-year-old to four years probation. She was the office manager of a trucking company.

The woman apparently used employer checks and credit cards to fatten up her own bank account by thousands of dollars used to pay for personal expenses including dinners out, groceries, home improvements and clothes. Her local fire department and municipality offices benefited from the theft since she also bought them computers with the stolen funds. The woman was taken into custody in August and apparently also turned in fake time cards which gave her an extra $10,000 over a two-year period.

It may be important for those charged with credit card fraud to enlist the help of a legal defense team to challenge any evidence against them prior to going to trial. These charges can create a negative ripple effect in a person’s life. Being accused of fraud can tarnish a person’s reputation and cause hardship in finding future employment.

Getting the help of an Iowa attorney might be one of the wisest decisions someone charged with fraud can do. In many instances, a lawyer may be able to develop an effective defense by scrutinizing law enforcement actions or by adamantly challenging the evidence of the prosecution. While a fraud charge might result in a prison sentence, it should not be considered a foregone conclusion.

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