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Sentencing for drug charge increases near Iowa schools

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2017 | Drug Charges

Across the nation, every state has enhanced penalties for offences made in areas considered protected school zones. It is for this reason that a man is facing up to 25 years in prison on a drug charge that might otherwise have carried a much lesser sentence. The 18-year-old was arrested on allegations of selling drugs near an Iowa elementary school, and the proximity to the school drastically increases the time he might serve if convicted.

The arrest affidavit alleges that the defendant peddled marijuana to a young teenage male in the parking lot of a business known as The Sugar Shack on March 4 around noon. The Sugar Shack — which describes itself as both a convenience store and a small community Christian ministry — is located directly across the street from Monroe Elementary School. Therefore, the alleged drug deal supposedly took place within the 1,000-foot drug-free zone radius.

The suspect was arrested that Wednesday and by the following day was being held in a county jail on bond of $50,000. He is facing one count of felony distributing a drug within 1,000 feet of a school. In addition, he was charged with felony possession with intent to deliver marijuana.

With the potential sentencing for his charges so much more drastic simply because of the location in which the alleged crime was supposedly committed, the accused will doubtlessly wish to secure the legal counsel of an experienced criminal defense attorney. A seasoned lawyer will be able to work with the defendant to build the strongest possible defense for the best possible outcome. Almost without exception, anyone in Iowa who is facing a drug charge will benefit from the advice and representation of an attorney with experience working with similar cases.

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