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Iowa couple facing charges of misdemeanor possession of meth

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2017 | Drug Charges

Regardless of the actual charge, any criminal accusation involving drugs has the potential to be serious. Even for a first-time offense in Iowa, a conviction even just for misdemeanor possession charges can carry penalties of jail time and fines. A married couple who was recently arrested for possession of the controlled substance methamphetamine is now facing such charges.

Police searched the Iowa couple’s home on Thursday, March 9. Officers responded to the residence at around 6:00 that evening, supposedly in reference to drug use and an apparent warrant on one of the male occupants. When the officers entered the home, they detained seven of the people within. The police officers claim that both guns and drugs were visible while they were clearing the house.

As the search warrant covered both the house and the individuals inside it, officers searched the female suspect’s purse as well. Inside, police claim to have found a bag containing what they described as a crystallized white substance, according to the report. The woman told officers that the substance was not hers. Officers also searched a vehicle belonging to the male suspect, in which police claim to have found a second bag of meth.

Both the male and female suspects were arrested and charged with the serious misdemeanor of meth possession. While the wife has since posted bail, the husband is still being held on bond. With the potential for both jail time and hundreds of dollars in fines if convicted, the defendants will doubtless want to consult a knowledgeable Iowa criminal defense attorney with experience in similar cases of misdemeanor possession or other drug charges.

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