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Will you take the fall in a drug case?

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2016 | Drug Charges

The FBI is currently in the process of assembling a very large drug prosecution, and with the most recent set of indictments filed in Cedar Rapids, the number of individuals charged in Operation Ice Pirates has risen to 20.

The investigation into the alleged meth ring has led to charges against individuals from Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Marshalltown and Dubuque in Iowa, as well as individuals from Colorado, and Wisconsin. Prosecutors have also commenced forfeiture proceedings against firearms, motor vehicles and cash in excess of $250,000.

The operation involving the FBI, the Waterloo-based Tri-County Drug Enforcement Task Force, the Dubuque Drug Task Force, the Mid-Iowa Drug Task Force and the Iowa Division of Narcotics Enforcement has ongoing for two to three years.

With an operation this large, prosecutors will be looking to obtain numerous convictions and long sentences for those convicted. Their strategy will likely involve isolating those accused and telling them that they have more than enough evidence to convict, but may be lenient if the person cooperates and tells the interrogator everything they know.

But they may be lying. Police interrogation methods often involve claims of full knowledge of an operation, and only if the accused “tells all” can they “save themselves.” Never believe this. The only thing you should say to law enforcement in this scenario is that the interview is over and you want to speak with your attorney.

By saying anything, you may make the charges against you even more severe and if there is any speaking that needs to be done, it should be your attorney who does the talking.

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