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Former city clerk charged with mail fraud

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2015 | Fraud

A former city clerk for Casey, Iowa, has been charged with mail fraud and arson. These are two very serious charges that can result in harsh penalties if the accused is convicted.

The defendant was indicted of five counts of mail fraud after she allegedly used the city’s credit card to buy personal items. In addition to the mail fraud charges, she has been indicted of one count of malicious use of fire for allegedly starting a fire at the Casey Community Building. The building was destroyed due to the fire.

Due to the allegations against the former city clerk, residents of the town petitioned for the city to complete an audit of their finances. The defendant could face additional criminal charges if the city and police find evidence of additional mail or wire fraud tied to the woman.

Mail fraud charges may not seem as serious as violent crimes. However, nonviolent crimes like mail fraud can result in similar jail time  for a violent crime. Mail fraud is a white collar crime, and many prosecutors in Iowa and throughout the country have continued to crack down on white collar crime.

The defendant could face jail time and significant fines if convicted. The additional arson charge could increase the jail sentence.

This case is an example of the serious criminal charges you can face if you are suspected of stealing credit card information or using your employer’s credit card to make purchases. You need to have a criminal defense attorney on your side when facing fraud charges to protect your rights.

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