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Missed it by much more than a hair

Science in the courtroom is important. Many elements in many criminal cases are dependent on lab tests to confirm a white powder is really cocaine or that some other substance is an illegal Schedule 1 drug. It is necessary when testing the blood of someone accused of driving while intoxicated and to determine if a bullet slug matches a particular gun used during the commission of a crime.

Should marijuana be reclassified to Schedule II?

Having a federal drug conviction on your record is a problem. A felony drug sentence can cause innumerable difficulties for your life. From finding a job and obtaining federal student aid to go to school or just finding some place to live, a drug conviction can derail your life and your future.

Drug testing for benefits found unconstitutional

By many measures, the so-called war on drugs has been a colossal failure. From its significant increase in the numbers of people incarcerated to the degradation of constitutional civil liberties, to the effect on the militarization of the police throughout the nation, it is hard to examine any aspect of the "war" and conclude it in any way has resulted in an increase to public safety.

Should the lead be lead?

During the 1960s, there was an "alarming" increase in the crime rate in the United States. This was one of the factors behind Richard Nixon's election as a "law and order" president. He also made the first reference to the "War on Drugs" that was part of his crime control initiatives.

Veteran with PTSD receives five years probation on gun charges

The criminal justice system has to deal with some difficult cases. While ostensibly designed to mete out punishment, protect society from the dangerous and engage in varying degrees of rehabilitation, it is sometimes faced with handling cases where there may be no bad guys, but there seem to be many victims.

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