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Defining the difference between mail and wire fraud

At times, when a person is facing criminal charges, it may be worth knowing exactly what the specific charges mean. For example, fraud is a very broad way to describe a criminal act, so there are several types of charges that can be brought within this category. Each type of fraud charge could be handled differently by law enforcement and include different criminal penalties.

Iowa investigation fails to provide evidence of rampant fraud

Voting is one of the cornerstone's of our country's government. Over the last several months, it has also become a very hot topic of discussion in Iowa. Not only have there been developments in terms of restoring voting rights to individuals who are convicted of felonies, but state officials have also dedicated significant attention to the issue of voter fraud.

Iowa City pharmacist pleads not guilty to health care fraud

In any criminal case, the burden of proof is placed squarely on the prosecution. This is derived from the idea that defendants are considered innocent until proven otherwise. If prosecutors do not provide adequate evidence to meet this burden, then conviction may not be possible.

Woman faces criminal charges tied to voter fraud in Iowa

One choice can have a long-term impact on a person's life, particularly if that decision is considered to be a crime. Some people naturally may think that a crime such as voter fraud is petty, but in the eyes of the law, it can pose a significant threat to the political system. Thus, it comes with hefty consequences. This is the situation of one woman after facing criminal charges for this type of fraud in Iowa.

Supreme Court to clarify required elements for federal bank fraud

Interpretation of the federal bank fraud statute's language has brought about a peculiar result in some of the federal circuit courts of appeal. In a Utah case, a man was convicted of bank fraud, identity theft, and possessing stolen mail after he allegedly used stolen checks to buy groceries and merchandise at a local Target store.

Don't run a fraud on the USPS -- they know where you live

The owner of a small secondhand store known as What Goes Around Comes Back Around up in Osceola County learned the hard way that it’s not a good idea to get into a disagreement with the U.S. Postal Service. To the USPS, a rural small business owner in Iowa is just as important a customer as the largest shipper on the coast -- and deserves equal scrutiny.

Will only small fish fry for the 'London Whale' fraud?

The “London Whale” is a nickname for a trader for JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s Chief Investment Office in London who was known for his enormous wagers on credit derivatives. The London Whale refers to allegations that certain people at the London office improperly valued those derivatives in an effort to hide the full extent of the bank’s losses from investors and regulators -- losses now estimated at $6 billion.

How noteworthy is the SAC Capital Advisors securities fraud case?

Since the U.S. Department of Justice filed charges of “rampant insider trading” against SAC Capital Advisors and three of its subsidiary hedge funds last week, the financial media has been flooded with stories about the case. Announcing securities and wire fraud charges against the companies themselves as well as against individuals working there, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said the alleged criminal activity was “substantial, pervasive and on a scale without known precedent in the history of hedge funds.”

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