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Will prosecutors "accommodate" the former mayor?

When someone is charged with a crime, one question that is not always obvious is "What crime are the charged with?" Take, for instance, the recent arrest of the Mayor of Fairfax, Virginia. He was involved with a transaction at a hotel where he gave methamphetamine to a police officer. In most cases in Iowa City, such behavior would likely bring a charge of possession and very possibly a more severe charge.

Synthetic drugs can lead to all too real prison sentences

Drug policy in the U.S. is sometimes confusing. Drugs can be assigned to the various schedules of the federal drug classification depending on the whim of members of congress. Drug classification may not always make sense, with both Marijuana and Heroin being classified as "Schedule I" controlled substances, despite the fact that heroin is a far more dangerous drug.

A move in the right direction for Iowa drug sentences

With the signing of a bill by Iowa's governor, changes in the state's drug sentencing laws will go into effect on July 1 for some non-violent drug offenders. The bill is seen by many as a good start to returning a more reasonable perspective on criminal enforcement of drug laws.

Drug bust occurs at alderman's home

Illegal drugs are pervasive in our society. Sometimes they come up in contexts that are unexpected. In Davenport, an alderman was shocked to find a man who lived in his home was recently arrested for allegedly dealing methamphetamine. The alderman was not accused of wrongdoing and he claimed he had no idea drugs were being sold out of his home.

Does criminalization of some drugs lead to more deaths?

Drugs like heroin are causing an epidemic of deaths throughout the U.S., and some states have enacted laws that make it easier to prevent these overdose deaths by making antidotes like naloxone available while protecting those who help from the severe penalties imposed by drug laws.

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