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What does it mean if a drug is considered Schedule I?

Over the last several years, the nation has been engaged in conversation about how law enforcement treats marijuana. Several states have legalized medical marijuana to varying degrees and two states have even legalized recreational use. This could be viewed as an overall shift in attitudes toward marijuana as it relates to public policy.

Feds storm into Iowa City pursuing synthetic drug charges

Over the last several years, synthetic drugs have increasingly entered the focus of federal officials at the Drug Enforcement Administration. The legality of these substances is in a constant state of flux, which can create significant complications for consumers.

Iowa investigation fails to provide evidence of rampant fraud

Voting is one of the cornerstone's of our country's government. Over the last several months, it has also become a very hot topic of discussion in Iowa. Not only have there been developments in terms of restoring voting rights to individuals who are convicted of felonies, but state officials have also dedicated significant attention to the issue of voter fraud.

Iowa authorities pursue charges in mobile meth lab case

Over the last several years, law enforcement officials throughout the country have taken a very tough stance against methamphetamine possession and production. In fact, individuals can be charged in Iowa for possessing precursors to manufacturing methamphetamine, not just the substance in its completed form.

Restoration of voting rights in jeopardy after Iowa ruling

Earlier this year, we covered a major issue in the world of criminal rights: voters' rights restoration. Many states, including Iowa, revoke a person's right to vote if he or she is convicted a felony. Although the current governor has taken a hard line against restoring the ability of many to vote, a recent state supreme court ruling has potential to move things in a different direction.

Iowa City pharmacist pleads not guilty to health care fraud

In any criminal case, the burden of proof is placed squarely on the prosecution. This is derived from the idea that defendants are considered innocent until proven otherwise. If prosecutors do not provide adequate evidence to meet this burden, then conviction may not be possible.

Feds call on Iowa to lift voting policy for felons

Readers probably know that being charged with a felony should always be taken seriously. In addition to the very real possibility of being sentenced to time behind bars, those who are convicted of a felony may lose certain privileges. Iowa law imposes a voting ban for anyone serving on felony charges.

Top court throws out charges related to Iowa drug death

Dealing with drug charges is obviously a very stressful experience. However, one thing to keep in mind is that prosecutors must be able to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt in order for the jury to issue a conviction. At times, law enforcement might not have enough evidence to support their claims as it relates to the relevant criminal statutes.

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