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Drugs, mental health issues fueling felony crimes in rural Iowa

It seems much of rural Iowa is facing an increase in violent crimes. These felony crimes in are being pinned on the increase of not only Iowa residents facing mental health issues, but also on the burgeoning drug problem, especially the use of crystal meth.  Headlines in local papers screaming rape, arson and murder are becoming much more prevalent.

Sex crimes: Iowa man accused of assaulting college student

A 20-year-old Sioux City resident has been charged with the sexual assault of a female university student. The assault allegedly took place in the woman's dorm room at Iowa State University in September of last year. In terms of sex crimes, sexual abuse is a serious allegation, and man has been charged with three counts in the third degree. 

Iowa couple facing drug charges

A man and a woman -- 25 and 24 years of age, respectively -- have been charged with drug crimes. The drug charges were made after police searched their home and allegedly found a number of illegal drugs. The Iowa couple were said to be in possession of marijuana, cocaine and prescription drugs. The two were taken into custody after the execution of a search warrant.

Sexting is a dangerous felony

Kids with cell phones quickly learn how much freedom they have to communicate confidentially with their peers. It is not the same as it was just a few decades ago when the only phone in the house was on the kitchen wall, and calls were taken with no expectation of privacy. However, police in Iowa are concerned that some kids have a false sense of privacy when they send certain messages to their friends. This may cause them to take dangerous chances, risking damage to their reputations, threats to their safety and felony charges.

What constitutes a white collar crime in Iowa?

In Iowa and elsewhere, there are a number of criminal charges people can face, from serious felonies to relatively minor misdemeanors. People may have heard the term "white collar crime," but they may not be exactly certain what that means. What, exactly, is a white collar crime? Perhaps more importantly, what might someone accused of such a crime expect to face?

Iowa city woman accused of felony, misdemeanors after brawl

Far too often, what actually occurred during any incident involving alleged illegal activity boils down to who says what. Of course, sometimes there are cameras or multiple witnesses, but other times it's difficult for police and court officials to be certain of exactly what occurred, which is only one reason a seasoned criminal defense attorney can be so invaluable. A lawyer's knowledge and experience can be crucial in a situation such as a recent case involving an Iowa City woman who is facing multiple charges, including a felony.

Iowa man faces up to 5 years if convicted of tire-slashing felony

Being charged with a felony is serious business. In Iowa, a conviction could result in a state prison sentence of two years or more, even up to life imprisonment for some violent crimes. Nevertheless, anyone accused of felony is fully protected by the presumption of innocence and other legal rights that accrue to anyone accused of a crime in this state.

6 Iowa teens facing felony and misdemeanor charges

Being convicted of a crime at any age can carry serious, lifelong repercussions. For younger individuals, though, being found guilty of crimes such as a felony or drug charges can be especially ruinous, creating a criminal record where none existed before and affecting educational opportunities and many career paths. Whatever types of criminal accusations an individual is facing, it is important to secure effective representation in order to pursue the best possible outcome. When the accused individuals are not yet adults, the juvenile justice system typically has jurisdiction, although -- in some instances -- they may be tried as an adult in criminal court.

Benefits of an Iowa defense attorney when facing felony charges

When someone finds him or herself facing criminal charges in Iowa or any other state or federal jurisdiction, a decision about how to address the charges will need to be made. Regardless of whether misdemeanor or felony charges are involved, Iowa prosecutors have the burden of proving the formal accusations in court and beyond a reasonable doubt. That legal standard is often difficult to meet, even when the evidence initially appears to point toward a defendant's guilt.

Iowa City woman faces felony, misdemeanor charges

When Iowa individuals find themselves facing criminal charges, they're not only dealing with the immediate stress of arrest, potential jail time and more, they're also looking at the long-term damage such accusations could mean for their futures. From white collar crimes to assault and battery, felony charges to misdemeanors, or other charges, the criminal justice system is far too often a stressful and frightening place, especially without the support and guidance of an experienced legal professional. A recently arrested Iowa City woman may be finding her own current situation to be similarly overwhelming.

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