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Iowa woman faces drug charges

Local authorities have reportedly arrested a Fort Madison woman for suspected drug activity, according to reports. The arrest was initiated by the Lee County Narcotics Task Force, who took a 32-year-old Iowa woman into custody. The woman faces multiple drug charges including felonies and could face up to 25 years in prison if she is found guilty.

Understanding different types of white collar crime charges

Even though white collar crimes are not violent, and there may not even be any physical evidence that a crime took place, they can still result in serious consequences. Anyone in Iowa facing these types of charges will certainly want to focus on preparing and presenting an effective defense. In order to properly defend yourself, it's first important to understand the white collar crime charges you are facing.

2 Charged with felony theft in Iowa

Police in Clear Lake have confirmed they have arrested two individuals in connection with the alleged theft of a watercraft, according to local sources. Two men, aged 24 and 37, as well as an unidentified woman, were taken into custody by Iowa authorities after being charged with felony second-degree theft, as well as conspiracy to commit a non-forcible felony. The older man is set to appear in court on Sept. 14, but no court date has been set for the younger man or the woman at this time.

Domestic violence in Iowa: Corn tossing no laughing matter

A 26-year-old Iowa woman is in hot water after having an alleged domestic altercation with her mother. In this domestic violence case, the Waterloo woman is accused of throwing a pot of corn-on-the-cob at her mother. The corn was on the stove cooking at the time. The accused was charged with serious domestic assault, obstructing emergency communication, nonserious child endangerment and interference with official acts, according to police.

Sex crimes: 5th suspect arrested in Iowa sex assault case

A final suspect has been charged in connection with a sex assault in October of last year. Authorities working on the Iowa sex crimes case have already charged four suspects in the alleged sexual abuse of a 18-year-old woman. The 23-year-old man was arrested in Chicago and charged with second-degree sexual abuse.

Sex crimes: Iowa man accused of assaulting 2 kids

A 36-year-old man has accepted a plea deal in connection with the alleged sexual assault of two children over a period of six years. The Iowa resident maintains his innocence in the apparent sex crimes even though he took the deal offered to him. Felony charges filed against him include two counts of second-degree sexual abuse and two counts of third-degree sexual abuse.

Drugs, mental health issues fueling felony crimes in rural Iowa

It seems much of rural Iowa is facing an increase in violent crimes. These felony crimes in are being pinned on the increase of not only Iowa residents facing mental health issues, but also on the burgeoning drug problem, especially the use of crystal meth.  Headlines in local papers screaming rape, arson and murder are becoming much more prevalent.

Sex crimes: Iowa man accused of assaulting college student

A 20-year-old Sioux City resident has been charged with the sexual assault of a female university student. The assault allegedly took place in the woman's dorm room at Iowa State University in September of last year. In terms of sex crimes, sexual abuse is a serious allegation, and man has been charged with three counts in the third degree. 

Iowa couple facing drug charges

A man and a woman -- 25 and 24 years of age, respectively -- have been charged with drug crimes. The drug charges were made after police searched their home and allegedly found a number of illegal drugs. The Iowa couple were said to be in possession of marijuana, cocaine and prescription drugs. The two were taken into custody after the execution of a search warrant.

Sexting is a dangerous felony

Kids with cell phones quickly learn how much freedom they have to communicate confidentially with their peers. It is not the same as it was just a few decades ago when the only phone in the house was on the kitchen wall, and calls were taken with no expectation of privacy. However, police in Iowa are concerned that some kids have a false sense of privacy when they send certain messages to their friends. This may cause them to take dangerous chances, risking damage to their reputations, threats to their safety and felony charges.

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