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Former Iowa office manager convicted of fraud, theft

A woman has been put on probation after pleading guilty to two separate charges. The Iowa resident was charged with credit card fraud and first-degree theft. She was accused of stealing $30,000 from her employer, which the judge ordered her to pay back. The judge sentenced the 33-year-old to four years probation. She was the office manager of a trucking company.

Iowa woman arrested for credit card fraud

A 48-year-old woman has been accused of using a stolen credit card for at least six months. The Iowa resident is facing 19 felony charges in connection with the alleged credit card fraud after having supposedly used the card in two different states. She is being held in custody.

A guilty plea to Iowa criminal charges doesn't always mean guilt

Just because an Iowa resident pleads guilty in court doesn't necessarily mean that he or she is, in fact, guilty of illegal activity. Unfair as it may seem, it is not uncommon for individuals facing criminal charges to decide they would prefer to plead guilty, as doing so may result in a much quicker legal process. Additionally, the sentences for pleading guilty are often more lenient than if a defendant had chosen to plead innocent and then been convicted anyway.

Suspect charged in Iowa check scam

One man has been arrested, and a second is still being sought in an ongoing police investigation in Iowa involving fraudulent payroll checks. The 40-year-old defendant was taken into custody on the morning of Jan. 30. He has been charged with two counts of felony forgery and a misdemeanor charge of possession of drug paraphernalia.

Iowa city clerk may face fraud charges

When times are hard, people may resort to desperate measures to make ends meet. One Iowa woman may have been in that situation because she is being accused of committing over $300,000 in fraud. The investigation began after the mayor of a local town heard reports that a clerk had been throwing city documents into the dumpster. The documents included statements from unauthorized bank accounts as well as carbons of checks and deposit slips associated with those accounts.

Smile and say "cheese" for your ticket!

In a somewhat unusual move, the Iowa Supreme Court has accepted a case involving a traffic violation and a $75 fine. While this seems like a far cry from the often momentous issues that the highest court of the state typically deals with, it raises questions that may be more important than appears from the fine at stake.

Mortgage fraud accusations can lead to federal charges

Mortgage fraud allegations are something that many different kinds of people can end up facing. Real estate professionals, appraisers and brokers sometimes have such accusations brought against them. However, a person does not have to be a financial or real estate professional to find themselves accused of this type of fraud. For example, mortgage fraud allegations are sometimes leveled at home buyers.

What's a protective order?

In a criminal fraud case, either the prosecutors may demand the turnover of documents as part of their investigation, or they may seize records and documents when executing a search warrant. Sometimes, as appears to have happened in a raid in Cedar Rapids, the federal agents obtained some documents or records that are protected or outside the scope of the search warrant.

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