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Iowa woman faces drug charge

A 56-year-old woman has found herself in legal trouble after she allegedly brought drugs into a jail where she was turning herself in, according to local sources in Polk County. Iowa authorities reported that a warrant had been issued for her arrest late in March, and she was attempting to turn herself in when the incident took place. She now faces a drug charge in addition to the existing charges for which the warrant was issued. 

Drug charge filed against 3 in Iowa

Three people are facing felony charges after the Lee County Narcotics Task Force conducted an investigation into their alleged activities, according to local sources. The three people, all Iowa residents, were all arrested between March 27 and 28 by members of the task force, in association with a number of other local law enforcement agencies. They each face more than one drug charge, which they will face in criminal court with the assistance of their respective attorneys. 

2 charged with drug trafficking in Iowa

Two people are in police custody following a traffic stop back in January, according to local sources. Iowa police in Scott County have confirmed that drug trafficking charges are being filed against two residents, a 28-year-old man and a 22-year-old woman. If they are found guilty, the felony charges against them could land them in prison for the next 25 years. 

Misdemeanor possession charges filed against Iowa residents

Police say they found a veritable cornucopia of drugs in a Hancock County home following a search conducted by several law enforcement agencies. Iowa police worked in conjunction with the local sheriff's office as well as the Garner Police Department in conducting the search. Both individuals are faced with multiple misdemeanor possession charges as well as drug tax stamp violations and at least one felony. 

Iowa man faces drug charge in overdose death

A man could be facing years in prison after another man allegedly overdosed in his apartment. The 38-year-old Scott County man was scheduled for arraignment on March 7 on the drug charge of distribution of heroin, as well as a secondary charge. The man remained in an Iowa jail as of this report, pending bail of $10,000. 

Man faces multiple drug charge counts in Iowa

A Marshall County man is facing drug-related charges following his arrest by police, according to local sources. The Mid-Iowa Drug Task Force arrested the 23-year-old recently, and he was expected to appear in court on Feb. 8 for a preliminary hearing. Represented by a criminal defense attorney, the man will have the opportunity to contest the multiple drug charge counts filed against him. 

Iowa mayor faces drug manufacturing charges

The mayor of Jamaica and her husband are facing serious charges after a police search revealed what appeared to be a marijuana grow operation in their home, sources say. Iowa authorities arrested the mayor and her husband on Jan. 16, and the couple now stands accused of drug manufacturing, among several other offenses. Iowa law requires that city officials who have been convicted of felonies be removed from office, in addition to facing fines and jail time, which means the stakes of this case are very high for the couple. 

Multiple drug charges filed against 2 Iowa men

Two men, reportedly with felony criminal records, are back behind bars following a traffic stop in Des Moines. Iowa police have filed multiple drug charges against both men, aged 44 and 41 respectively, and are awaiting a trial date. Convictions could send the men back to prison for a period of years, which is why their criminal defense representation is so important to the legal process. 

Drug charge filed against Iowa couple

A man and woman in Des Moines have been charged with serious drug offenses following a search of their residence, according to local police. Iowa law enforcement executed a search warrant on the couple's home on Nov. 26, and have filed more than one drug charge against both people. The man has retained criminal defense counsel, but court records do not list an attorney for the woman. They were both set to appear in court on Dec. 7. 

Iowa man faces drug charge

A man in O'Brien County has been arrested and now faces a felony drug charge, according to officials at the local sheriff's office. Officers in Samborn arrested the Iowa man following the execution of a search warrant. He is being held against $25,000 bond until his court date, where he will respond to his drug charge while being represented by a defense attorney.

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