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Domestic violence in Iowa: Corn tossing no laughing matter

A 26-year-old Iowa woman is in hot water after having an alleged domestic altercation with her mother. In this domestic violence case, the Waterloo woman is accused of throwing a pot of corn-on-the-cob at her mother. The corn was on the stove cooking at the time. The accused was charged with serious domestic assault, obstructing emergency communication, nonserious child endangerment and interference with official acts, according to police.

The woman got into an argument with her 53-year-old mother while a 2-year-old and 4-year-old watched. After flinging the water and corn-filled pot at her mom, the woman reportedly tried to take the phone away from her while her mother was trying to call police. The mother's hand was scratched during the scuffle. 

Police said they were unsure if the water was hot or cold, but the mother did tell police she was burned during the incident. The two children weren't injured. The accused was held in custody on a $3,500 bond.

Iowa residents accused of domestic violence might fare better in their defense with the advice of a criminal defense attorney. A lawyer may be able to help his or her client to understand the potential consequences of a domestic violence accusation. For those in a divorce situation, a domestic violence conviction may have an impact on child custody and/or visitation. It could affect the right to own a gun or the chance for an immigrant to become a U.S. citizen. A lawyer may be able to vigorously represent his or her client through every step of the process, including trial court proceedings.

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