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Drug charge: 3 Iowa residents facing drug crime allegations

Three people were arrested after a recent drug bust. One man and two women are facing more than one Iowa drug charge after the bust. The Iowa residents each have bonds set at thousands of dollars, and they all remain in custody at the moment. Two are from Ridgeway, while the other is from Dubuque. 

Besides not having a drug tax stamp, the man is charged with two counts of felony possession of a controlled substance -- methamphetamine and marijuana. His bond was set at $30,000 cash. The 26-year-old female from Ridgeway and the 24-year-old female are facing the same charges. Bond for the 24-year-old is also set at $30,000 cash, while bond for the 26-year-old is set at $20,000 cash. 

The trio was arrested with the help of the Iowa State Patrol. The Winneshiek County Attorney's Office assisted. Police are continuing their investigation into activities surrounding the drug bust.  

Those in Iowa who are facing a drug charge may benefit from the assistance of legal counsel. In reviewing the evidence in a client's case, a lawyer can assess whether it was gathered properly or could be subject to challenge in court. An attorney might be able to have the charges dropped if any legality was not adhered to during the arrest process or during execution of any search warrants. Having an experienced lawyer available may help the accused to mount the most aggressive defense possible to fight the charges and if not able to get the charges dropped entirely, perhaps negotiate a lighter sentence.

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