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November 2016 Archives

Son charged with felony arson of father's home

The delicate balance of families can be tipped for many reasons. In some cases, those family members who are at odds either try to get along or simply go their own ways. There are those situations, however, that stir such powerful emotions that some may react with violence. In Iowa, one young man is facing felony counts after allegedly lashing out in a destructive manner at his father.

Trafficking of guns leads to almost 30-year prison for Iowa man

There are a great number of federal laws governing thousands of situations. Given all of these offenses, it is easy to make a mistake during a variety of business transactions that could lead to criminal liability and prosecution. Of course, matters involving drugs, whether illegal, like marijuana or heroin, or prescription, can result in prosecutions and sentences ranging from minor to severe.

The power of a plea bargain with drug charges

Federal drug charges can carry significant sentences. Depending on the amount of drugs allegedly involved, it does not take a great number of charges to create a very real potential for a sentence of life in prison. Even if the sentence is not explicitly life, a combination of multiple charges can quickly add up to what for many suspects will be effectively a life sentence.

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