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What's a protective order?

In a criminal fraud case, either the prosecutors may demand the turnover of documents as part of their investigation, or they may seize records and documents when executing a search warrant. Sometimes, as appears to have happened in a raid in Cedar Rapids, the federal agents obtained some documents or records that are protected or outside the scope of the search warrant.

Expungements for dismissed charges are reasonable

A criminal conviction carries a stigma in Iowa and elsewhere throughout this country. While jail and prison sentences are the primary punishment for these convictions, anyone convicted of a criminal charge may wear a virtual scarlet letter that may mark them long after their sentence has been completed and they have reentered society.

Missed it by much more than a hair

Science in the courtroom is important. Many elements in many criminal cases are dependent on lab tests to confirm a white powder is really cocaine or that some other substance is an illegal Schedule 1 drug. It is necessary when testing the blood of someone accused of driving while intoxicated and to determine if a bullet slug matches a particular gun used during the commission of a crime.

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